Upcoming Events

September 22nd Adventure Beach Invasion of Japan

October 6th
Paintball Kingdom
Theme day at PBK (Tentative)

October 20th
Line of Fire Paintball
Pirates Vs. Ninjas

November 10th Paintball Charleston
(MPP Games) Spartacus Unchained

December 1st Adventure Beach
Toys for Tots

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Who are the Sabers?

The Carolina Sabers are an organized group of people that have come from all different types of backgrounds, ages, and credos.  Even though we are a diverse lot, we have come together to focus on our love for the sport of Paintball.  We believe in the promotion of the sport through fair play, sportsmanship, and a friendly attitude on and off the field.   

The Carolina Sabers are gaining a steady momentum with each practice and scenario we attend.  We are currently looking for new members so please let us get to know you and see if you are a future Saber!

The Carolina Sabers are always looking for new members!  If you are interested, please contact us!